Appellate Litigation Department

Mintz & Gold's Appellate Litigation Department brings unsurpassed expertise to the complex field of appellate advocacy. This practice area is headed by Steven Mintz and Lisabeth Harrison both of whom clerked at the New York State Court of Appeals for the Honorable Vito J. Titone. Ms. Harrison also previously clerked for New York State Court of Appeals Judge Dominick L. Gabrielli. Both Mr. Mintz and Ms. Harrison have successfully argued numerous appeals before the Court of Appeals and are often consulted and retained as co-counsel by national and international law firms which have matters pending before the New York State Court of Appeals. Due to the unique nature of the procedural and jurisdictional requirements of the New York State Court of Appeals, specific expertise is needed to both formulate and properly present a matter for review through an appeal as of right or a motion for leave to appeal. Mintz & Gold's expertise in this area is unparalleled.

Appellate practice differs from trial practice in several fundamental ways. The success or failure of an appeal can be significantly influenced by the appellate brief. That brief must summarize the key facts in a persuasive manner; identify the issues central to the outcome below; and explain how the trial court's decision is supported by, or is inconsistent with, the governing law. At oral argument, a litigator will often have little time to tell his story, but must immediately and persuasively respond to questions on any aspect of the case which has attracted the attention of a member of the appellate panel. Mintz & Gold's experienced appellate attorneys know how to advance an appellant's cause in the manner most likely to persuade an appellate court.

Mintz & Gold's Appellate Litigation Department offers trial attorneys from other firms a fresh new perspective on their case. Attorneys who have lived with a matter from inception through judgment often lose that perspective. Trained appellate counsel brings a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the record and determine which arguments offer the greatest chance of success.

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