Tenant Leasing Illustrated – December 2019 – Bond Lease Bond

date: December 01 2019 title: Tenant Leasing Illustrated – December 2019 – Bond. Lease Bond. url: https://mintzandgold.com/newsletter/tenant-leasing-illustrated-december-2019-bond-lease-bond excerpt: With the prevalence of office leasing by technology and start-up companies and the increase of those same companies running into financial difficulties, landlords have understandably focused on obtaining protection through larger security deposits or guaranties. The marketplace has recently come up with a commercial tenant lease bond to try to address the landlords' concerns while also providing needed flexibility to tenants. In today's newsletter we discuss these lease bonds and provide seven suggestions when acting as sublandlord being asked to accept a lease bond in lieu of a letter of credit or guaranty.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – November 2019 – There’s No Crying in Letters of Credit

When a tenant needs to sublease its space, it will likely require a security deposit from the subtenant ensuring performance under the sublease. Sophisticated tenants/sublandlords know that they will be better protected in the event of a bankruptcy of their subtenant if the security deposit is provided by a standby letter of credit. In today's newsletter we suggest thirteen requirements for any such letter of credit in order to best protect a tenant/sublandlord's interests.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – October 2019 – Environmental Comedy And Your Lease

Climate change or not, something is going on, whether it is super intense hurricanes such as Dorian or the rainstorm that wiped out my driveway last month. Yet, there are still those who do not see the urgency which can be frustrating to many and particularly so to scientists. An article from The Atlantic talked about scientists using satire to make their scientific case.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – September 2019 – Brexit, Nutella and your Sublease

Not much in commercial leasing is more complicated to pull off than when a tenant tries to sublease from another tenant and then have that sublease convert at the end of its term into a direct lease with the landlord. There are more parties, more documents and more moving parts than in a standard transaction. In today's newsletter we provide seven suggestions to consider when entering into such a subleasing to leasing structure.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated August 2019 Equipment Haikus

Equipment Haikus Oddly enough, I missed this year’s annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, but I am told that in lieu of the required one-sentence summaries to describe their work, some scientists describe the complicated science in their papers with haikus. So instead of “The Effects of Shock and Raman Laser Irradiation on the Maturity of Organics in Martian Meteorites” (something I have dabbled in a bit myself), the haiku version is:

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – July 2019 – This Is Your Non-Disclosure Agreement On Puns

Tenants looking to enter into a new lease are generally required to provide financial and other proprietary information for review by their landlord, and it is common practice for such prospective tenants to impose confidentiality requirements with respect to such information. For our post Father's Day edition, we look at "dad jokes" and confidentiality agreements (a.k.a. Non-Disclosure Agreements) used to enforce such confidentiality.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – June 2019 – What Is, Fire Stairs

What's bigger in pop culture these days than the Avengers and Game of Thrones put together? Yes, well that is nice of you, but no the answer is not the commercial leasing group at Mintz & Gold (although you were close). It's James Holzhauer. Who? Mr. Holzhauer is a professional sports gambler who has used game theory and an aggressive betting strategy to rock the world of Jeopardy.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – May 2019 – Sprinklering around the Emojis

No tenant wants to be hit with unexpected costs to comply with applicable laws. Unfortunately, New York City's Local Law 26 of 2004 requiring sprinkler installation in buildings of certain height caught many tenants by surprise. Now, with compliance required by July 1 of this year, some tenants have been forced to address this lurking expense. In today's issue, we provide seven suggestions regarding this Local Law and compliance with other unforeseen legal requirements.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – April 2019 – Late Delivery; A Landlord Should Always (Be Made To) Pay Its Debts

Every tenant worries about its space being delivered on time. That is probably true in all instances, but particularly if the landlord is doing a turnkey buildout, if there is an existing tenant in the space and/or if the tenant is occupying its current space under an expiring lease and fears potential holdover charges. One way for a tenant to address a landlord's failure to timely deliver its premises is to require additional abatement on a day for day basis for each day of delay. In today's issue, we provide six suggestions regarding the imposition of additional abatement as liquidated damages.

Tenant Leasing Illustrated – March 2019 – Super Geezers and Brokerage Commissions

Every tenant needs the ability to sublet or assign its space in order to have an effective exit strategy. When the time comes to exercise that right, most tenants will retain a commercial leasing broker, and the commission payable will vary depending on whether the tenant is entering into a sublease or assignment, negotiating a buyout with its landlord, or undergoing a recapture of the premises as contemplated by its lease. In today's issue, we focus on six suggestions regarding the calculation of such commission. In today's issue, we focus on six issues to consider when negotiating a sub-sublease as either the sub-sublandlord or the sub-subtenant.