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Criminal Defense

Mintz & Gold’s criminal defense practice is headed by Charles A. Ross, a former state public defender and Assistant Federal Defender for Southern District of New York. Mr. Ross has over forty years of experience representing clients in any kind of criminal case. The criminal defense team has the experience and track record to effectively handle any matter in federal or state court. The firm is unique in that it does not turn away the kinds of traditional criminal cases that other firms might pass on.  Mintz and Gold’s criminal defense lawyers are well versed in the representation of individuals charged with such crimes as homicide, narcotics trafficking, cyber-offenses, kidnapping, racketeering, international extraditions, extortion, gambling, assault, sex crimes and many others. We also handle any type of misdemeanor including driving while intoxicated offenses, shoplifting, trespass, minor drug possession offenses, and harassment.

We are equally skilled at trial, plea negotiations, and sentencing work. We have the depth to attack charges with creative motion work and can handle any kind of appellate or collateral challenge representation.  We have handled high profile matters involving entertainers, sports figures, politicians, and other celebrities. Any criminal case is critically important, not only to the client charged, but also to our attorneys.

For more information, please contact Charles Ross.